Introducing the ‘A Mummy Too cooks with’ series

So I’ve had this idea…

In early November 2012, the lovely Rachael Phillips kindly lent me her recipe for Welsh cakes. I made them, they were wonderful, I blogged about it and a whole different readership got to enjoy her culinary genius.

It got me thinking: would other bloggers be willing to share their amazing recipes, kindly agreeing to let me try them out and publish the results? As it turns out, the answer is yes, and so the ‘A Mummy Too cooks with’ series was born.

The rules

  • You send me a recipe – it can be a recipe you have published before but it must be your own ie not ‘borrowed’ from a cookbook or elsewhere
  • I cook it, photograph it and sent the shot to you for your verdict
  • I then publish the whole thing here on A Mummy Too, including a link to the original blog, of course
  • Snacks, sweets, starters, mains and desserts are all welcome
  • I don’t eat meat or fish, but if you don’t have a veggie recipe, you are welcome to submit a meat one and I’ll happily adapt it, provided it’s not something impossible to adapt like leg of lamb
  • I can’t promise I’ll publish everything I’m sent, but if I’m able to use your recipe, I’ll let you know. I plan to get through as many as I can

How to submit a recipe

If you want to submit a recipe for the ‘A Mummy Too cooks with’ series, please complete the form below.

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 Please confirm that you own the copyright on this recipe

 Please confirm that you are happy for me to publish this recipe and my experience of cooking it

Thank you – and let the fun begin!

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  1. says

    What a brilliant idea! I always want to know if anyone tries my recipes – things that work perfectly at home, might not always translate in someone else’s kitchen. My mother-in-law has made quite a few of my recipes, which is lovely, but it would be great to have another opinion.
    Tasha Goddard recently posted…Where do you get your news from?My Profile