Taste testing Black Tea from Tea India

I need a cup of tea – me

I’m not a posh tea drinker. I generally like plain black tea, strong, no sugar and plenty of soya milk. But if there’s good tea on offer, I won’t say no.

This week we’ve been trialling the new Black Tea from Tea India, which retails at £2.59 for 80 bags.

Out of the pack, the bag smells fresher and less earthy than more well-known black teas. There is a slightly perfumed aroma but it’s delicate, rather than being an assault on the nostrils.

Once brewing, the tea gives off little aroma and produces a reddish tea that is cleaner in flavour than other blends I’ve tried. Of course, it’s a matter of personal preference, but as someone who likes an earthy cup of tea, I was surprisingly taken with the Tea India blend, which seems to focus more on the middle notes, with a malty, almost fruity flavour replacing the muddy depth and bitterness of other blends.

Apparently, this rounder taste is all down to the higher than usual Assam content. Whether it deserves the label of ‘authentic Indian tea’ is beyond my expertise but the website does state:

Our master blender grew up in Assam on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra river, where we source the majority of our teas. Combining his expert knowledge with a passion for Indian tea, he’s now on a mission to make sure everyone can enjoy a superior cup of tea everyday.

Tea India Black Tea is easily pleasant enough to drink black, has a pleasing aftertaste and is further improved with a little honey. However, the flavour is easily dulled by soya milk, with more than a splash resulting in a slightly weak tasting tea.

Ethics-wise, the brand is not Fair Trade, but does apparently adhere to the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code.

If you’d like to try Tea India Black Tea for yourself, it’s available in Booths and Tesco.

Disclosure: I was sent some Tea India teas free of charge for this review. No payment was received. All posts are 100% honest.

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