Taste tasting the new Wakey Wakey baby/toddler breakfast cereals


Mmmmm – Miss J, 1

If you’ve ever looked on the back of a cereal packet, you’ll know that most are packed with salt, sugar and a host of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives – not nice.

Ella’s Kitchen’s new breakfast range, however, is 100% organic and contains just simple ingredients like oats, rice and flour with nothing else added. No added refined sugar or salt. No additives or thickeners. No GM.

The range includes:

  • Wakey Wakey Baby Porridge (RRP £2.19, 125g pouch) – plain, smooth cereal made from rice and oat flour.
  • Wakey Wakey Mango + Apple Baby Porridge (RRP £2.29, 125g pouch) – the same cereal, but with dried pureed fruit
  • Wakey Wakey Strawberry, Mango + Banana Porridge (RRP £2.49, 150g pouch) – the same again, but with slightly more texture for older eaters
  • Wakey Wakey Banana Porridge (RRP £2.49, 150g pouch) – the same again, but with little bits of banana, though not lumpy
  • Wakey Wakey Round Ones (RRP £2.19 for 46g pouch) – very like large Cheerios, these are multigrain Os that soften easily in cold milk

So how do they taste? Really good, actually – sweet and wholesome without any bitterness. Miss J seems to really like them and I would happily eat them for my breakfast too.

I’m also rather keen on the packaging – every item in the range comes in easy to pour, resealable pouches – you just have to add milk. And the plastic is free from Bisphenol A and Phthalates too.

All in all, a fabulous range and now a firmly established part of our breakfast routine.

Disclosure: we were sent some Wakey Wakey cereals to try for the purposes of this review. No payment was received for this post. All posts are 100% honest.

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  1. says

    How do you find the packaging? I’m struggling with the wakey wakey porridge at the moment- too much comes rushing out when you unscrew the lid.

    The description on the package says to use ‘a spoon’ to measure out the quantity but doesn’t specify what size! – baby spoon/teaspoon/larger? Miss M loves the taste but I find we’re wasting a lot of the product as it’s so hard to pour out, Rachel
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    • says

      Ah, that’s interesting! I have been opening the cap with it tipped backwards slightly and it seems ok, but I do recall a little spillage the first time I opened it now that you mention it.

      Re the spoonfuls, I see what you mean although personally I don’t think it matters what size spoon you use (I use Miss J’s spoon) as the directions are in proportions eg mix 2 spoons of porridge with 10 spoons of milk. Also, on the packaging it does say “This is only a guide; just add more milk or porridge if your baby prefers a different consistency” so I think the important thing is that they enjoy it and not worry to much about precise measurements.

      Emily x
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