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Miss J has your glasses again, mummy! – JD, 5

I’m a terrible. terrible glasses-wearer. I cannot see well without them – near or distance – and yet I hardly ever manage to keep them on my face.

I’m not ashamed of them – I even rather like how I look in them – but I am the woman who loses her keys every single day, who never knows where her bank card is and who misplaces her phone for days on end. After 15 years as a glasses wearer I’ve probably worn them for a matter of weeks in total, always wearing them for a few hours and then putting them down somewhere to gather dust or be stolen by Miss J and buried amongst her toys.

It’s getting to the point where I can’t see what’s in front of me and my left eye is worse at each exam. So tell me, how do you get your kids to wear their glasses, because clearly I need whipping into shape!

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    I’ve had to wear them since I was five (I’m knocking on 37 now) and I’ve always been so short sighted that apart from sleeping and bathing (and photos because of the flash glare), they’re on my head, I simply can’t cope without them. My daughter and son, who have had to wear them for the last five and two years respectively, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to walk up to school with their glasses – they too should wear them permanently! They sit watching a massive TV squinting, or hold their books millimetres away from their faces and I think to myself, at what point exactly are they going to admit defeat? I bark ‘Glasses!’ and they go ‘Oh yes. Glasses.’ As if I’ve divulged some magical mystical secret to them. When will they think ‘I can’t see. Oh, I’ll put my glasses on then I’ll be able to!’ for themselves? I’m talking nearly 10 and 11 year olds. So if anyone knows, short of No-more-nails, how to keep them on a child, let me know too!
    (Disclaimer – I wouldn’t actually really glue them to my children…)
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    I am exactly the same! I’ve been ‘wearing’ glasses since high school and every time I get a new pair I wear them religiously for about two weeks. Then after the novelty has worn off I misplace them until I’m going for a long drive and feel it might be unsafe without them. If you find a good solution then let me know!