New York Bakery Co Bagels. Turns out they’re as good as they look on the ads


Baaaa-ghul. More. Yes! – Miss, 1

I flippin’ love bagels. Might be down to my heritage, might be down to the fact that they are, in fact, flippin’ gorgeous.

Some supermarket bagels, however, are god awful – rubbery, flvourless, yuck. The new range of New York Bakery Co Bagels, thankfully, are everything a bagel should be – chewy on the outside, fluffy in the middle. I am highly impressed.

The dough of the new Fruit & Oat flavour bagels is generously laced with cranberries, raisins and sunflower seeds, and topped with crunchy oats. I’ve been eating mine halved, toasted, spread with a little salted butter and topped with sliced banana. It is heavenly with a cup of morning tea.

Also new to the range is the Red Onion & Chive bagel, which I found less appealing on first whiff, but is really pleasant with a generous filling of cheese and salad at lunch. Again, I prefer it toasted – it feels like more of a treat that way.

The new flavours are available in Tesco and Morrisons, priced at £1.55 for a pack of four. I’d also recommend trying the equally yummy limited edition Blueberry flavour, which is so fresh and fruity that it can be eaten straight out the pack with your toddler daughter on the bus home. Not that I did that *cough*

Ways to enjoy bagels

Here are some other ideas on ways to enjoy a good bagel, courtesy of the New York Bakery Co Bagels team:

  • Diner Breakfast – Toast a Wholemeal or Plain bagel and top with creamy scrambled egg, cracked black pepper and crispy NY style bacon
  • Classic Brunch – A true classic: top your Sesame bagel with smoked salmon, smooth cream cheese and sprinklings of dill and watercress
  • Deli Lunch – Fill your Red Onion & Chive bagel full of meaty pastrami, crunchy gherkins, and fiery Dijon mustard
  • Healthy Deli lunch -Wholemeal bagel bursting with mouth-watering avocado, crispy bacon, lettuce & juicy tomato
  • Cheesy Treat – Create a yummy pizza bagel by melting mozzarella on a Sesame or Plain bagel and topping with juicy cherry tomatoes and freshly cracked black pepper
  • Afternoon Delight – Spread lashings of butter on a toasted sweet Cinnamon & Raisin bagel
  • Tea Time Feast – Devour a Plain bagel with spicy chorizo, sundried tomato and peppery rocket

Disclosure: I was sent some New York Bakery Co Bagels for the purposes of this review. No payment was received. All posts are 100% honest.

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