Inspiring craft ideas roundup

Inspiring craft ideas roundup

This is a very beautiful, fascinating place – JD, 5

We went to a craft fair last weekend and I was absolutely buzzing by the time we left. There were so many talented people there, sharing their crafts. The kids were excited too and we took time to photograph our favourite ideas on my phone.

Here’s a roundup of what we saw – it’s inspiring stuff.

Handmade bunny egg cosies from Nonnyrabbit


These are so cute and would make lovely Easter gifts. They’re small enough to be made with spare material scraps and pretty to stay on display all year round.

Check out more beautiful products and stunning sewing craft ideas on the Nonnyrabbit website.

Handmade plastic jewellery by Frances Fantastic


Ever since we saw these quirky shrink plastic jewellery pieces, I’ve been kicking myself that I didn’t buy the Y-fronts necklace. They were a big hit with the kids and would add a touch of personality to any outfit.

I really want to have a go at making them myself, but I’ll also be ordering some from Frances’s Folksy page.

Washable toys from Baska Lindars


This is such a brilliant idea! You buy the dolls, decorate them however you like with washable felt tips, then chuck them in the washing machine and start all over again. They’re beautifully made and would make such a great gift for a preschooler.

Baska doesn’t have a website at the moment has now set up at Etsy store, where you can view and buy her creations.

Solemate sock creatures from Cubby Cards


With a touch of Moshi Monsters (or Pokemon) about them, these hand sewn and hand embroidered creatures would be a hit with most little ones, I reckon. They’re made from colourful socks and look great – each one sporting its own unique facial expression.

Definitely one to try yourself, but if you want the really professional looking ones, head over to Cubby Cards.

Bead bracelets – a craft for kids


While we were at the fair, two lovely ladies gave JD a length of nylon string and free reign of their bead box for just £2. He made me this lovely bracelet and it’s inspired me to order a whole load of beads so we can make more.

A great idea to round things off – sorry ladies, I didn’t get your names!

So that’s what we saw. Feeling inspired? Let me know if the comments about your own creative crafts, if you’d like to :)

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