Mask decorating – a fun, easy craft activity for kids


It’s really fun. I’d be more than happy to do it every day. Daddy has really good ideas – JD, 5

Mark picked up a pack of cheap masks in a craft store quite a while ago and we decided to make this snowy weekend the day we finally got round to decorating them.

Armed with pipe cleaners, poster paint, glue and tissue paper, these are our creations.

‘Devil Woman’ by JD


Poster paint detail and tissue paper horns.

‘Electrical ears’ by JD


Poster paint detail and pipe cleaner antennae.

‘Super Lady’ by me


A fat pipe cleaner for her hair, two more for her eye mask and screwed up tissue paper for her mouth.

‘The beardy fireton’ by JD


Pipe cleaners galore and a little tissue paper.

‘The chocolate man’ by me

Painted with dark chocolate, sprinkled strategically with coloured sugar, and finished with a lollypop.

What ever materials you choose to use, I really recommend giving mask decorating a try. It’s loads of fun and we’re going to hang the results on JD’s wall.