Simple, satisfying Danish Salami and Austrian smoked cheese panini + #recipeoftheweek (16-22 March)

Danish salami and Austrian smoked cheese panini

Mmm, perfect – Mark

Yep, I’m usually all about the detailed recipes but today I’m showing you another sandwich. Why, well my husband seems to believe it’s one of the nicest sandwiches you can have and a combination that must be tried.

So, I give you the Danish Salami and Austrian smoked cheese panini.

Slice a white panini open, layer with three slices of Danish Salami and three slices of Austrian smoked cheese, put on a tray, put a heavy dish on top to squash it a bit and stick it in a hot oven for a few minute to crisp up (and for the cheese to melt). Or you could use a grill press thingy, but who has one of those?

Anyway, yummy sandwich. Ta da!

Now let’s get to the important business of #recipeoftheweek…

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    I do like a good panini, homemade is much better than cafe ones and you can use whatever you like to fill them. The filling is usually much more generous with homemade ones too ;) A great alternative to sandwiches, sometimes a change of bread makes all the difference – well it does for my sometimes fussy husband!
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