Taste testing the new Panebello Deep Bakery Crust Pizza from Dr. Oetker


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A few months back, I reviewed the ever popular Ristorante pizza from Dr. Oetker and was pretty positive in my verdict.

Today, we tried a new pizza from Dr. Oetker: the Panebello Deep Bakery Crust. Since the brand is well known for its thin, restaurant style pizzas, the departure interested me enough to want to try a slice before it hits the shops.

We were sent the Pomodoro Mozzeralla (price not yet confirmed). Unfortunately, the cheese and tomato was frozen stiff right over the edges of the crust, so I had to put a tray on the oven shelf below to avoid the inevitable cheese drippage. It baked in the oven from frozen in 15 minutes, although it started to burn and bubble on the outer edge before the inner topping was really warmed through. I had to cut it in half and return it to the oven to let the heat get to the middle.

Taste wise, it’s not unpleasant but it’s not fantastic. The little pieces of tomato are tart and flavourful, just as with the famous Ristorante pizzas, but the topping below seems too weak. It doesn’t pack much punch and this pizza is missing the basil butter that gives the Ristorante version its distinctive flavour.

The base itself isn’t heavy, as I had worried it might be. Instead it’s similar to the Chicago Town range – crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside – which is quite pleasant but still too much dough for me. Also, it has the same slight sweetness as the Ristorante, but because it’s so much thicker, the flavour overwhelms the topping. After a couple of slices, it had cooled almost completely and all I could really taste was the dough and the little tomato pieces.

Maybe the other flavours (Prosciutto Funghi and Carne Speciale) are more balanced but this is the only veggie option at present.

So, would I eat the Pomodoro Mozzeralla Panebello again? To be honest, no. There are more flavourful, tastier alternatives on the market and at more than 1,000 calories and 42g of fat (of which nearly half is saturated), it’s not really worth it.

Disclosure: we were sent the Panebello Deep Bakery Crust Pizza from Dr. Oetker free of charge for review. No payment was received for this post. All posts are 100% honest.

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