The WeightWatchers food range – have you tried it?


Guilt-free(ish) muffins? Low-fat naan bread? Low calorie pasta sauce? Ah, go on then – me

A little while back, WeightWatchers sent us a hamper full of food for review. It’s an impressively varied range, from cakes, to breads, to sauces, to snack bars – and while I can’t say they’re as nice as their full fat, sugar-filled alternatives, they are tasty and have less of a dry-diety-carboardy texture that you get with most such foods.

Overall, I’d say if you’re counting calories/points, then they’re worth a try. After all, no one can live without cake. No one. (Ok, ok, maybe you can, but I can’t).

Oh, and the slightly messy beast of a sandwich up top is a WeightWatchers bagel filled with sundried tomatoes, loads of rocket, balsamic glaze, lettuce, avocado and a generous milling of pepper. It was LUSH, although WeightWatchers bagels are a little dry, so they’re better toasted. On the plus side they contain about 60 fewer calories and 1.1g less fat than a standard bagel, which makes up for the oil oozing off the tomatoes *cough*.

Disclosure: we were sent a hamper of WeightWatchers goodies free of charge for review. No payment was recieved for this post. All posts are 100% honest.

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