A Mummy Too loves…Lord Dodo


Please don’t sell this pad! I will be right back with my wallet – me

At Cybher recently, I found myself next door to a stall laden with some of the coolest notepads I’ve ever seen – Dodo Pads.

The pads – which range from plain notebooks, to academic pads, to address books – all feature Lord Dodo, a distinctive character, who I fell pretty much instantly in love with.

I bought the ‘Book for Cooks’ you see above and I’m really taken with it. It’s made from good quality paper with translucent protective plastic back and front, and it has original, charming illustrations and apt quotes throughout.

The dividers mark out the main types of recipe and each has a little pocket on the back so you can store all the loose leafs torn from magazines and first-try recipes scribbled on scraps. Yes, I have my blog for recording recipes I want to share, but this is old school and oh, so pretty.

If you want one for yourself, it’s £18.99 from the Dodo Pad website. I can’t spend to long browsing there at the moment as I seem to put every product in my basket.

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