Anniversary and Baby Gift Flower Packages from Debenhams (review)


Pretty *huge grin* – Miss J, 1

If you’ve never given anyone flowers before, if you think they don’t seem like a flowers kind of person, I’d urge you to try sending them a really beautiful bouquet.

I don’t think of myself as a flowers kind of person. I’d never ask for flowers, but when I get them, it’s always such a special experience. There’s something about getting that unexpected knock at the door, signing your name, opening the packaging, cutting the stems, admiring your gift. And then it stays with you for weeks, bringing beauty to the house, made all the more special when they’re sent with love.

The two flower gifts Debenhams sent me last week came from their Anniversary and Baby ranges and arrived when I was at a real low point. The bouquets, both generously sized, really made my day.

The baby gift set bouquet (from £34.99) is made up of stunning pink roses with a peachy hue in the center. They smell divine and are still going strong today, thanks to the little sachet of plant food that came with them.


The baby bouquet also came with a little box wrapped in pink cellophane. Inside was a rabbit soother blanket and a book, ‘Did you know you’re gorgeous’. I can imagine such a gift really melting the heart of a new mum – I don’t even have the excuse of new baby hormones and I still blubbed!

The anniversary flowers (from £24.99) are really quite stunning, mixing dusty pinks with creams and pastel greens. I think it would make a perfect gift for anyone – they really brightened up my kitchen – although you might prefer something a little more romantic for a wedding anniversary.


With the anniversary flowers came a small box of Belgian praline chocolates, which are a popular brand and went down very well with the kids.

I’d recommend checking out Debenhams Flowers – the whole range is classy and the styles and colours are refreshing. I’ll be buying something from them the next time I want to make a ‘thank you’, ‘congratulations’ or ‘I love you’ a bit more special.

If you fancy doing the same, you can use the code AMTG20 to get 20% off gifts from the Baby Gifts and Flowers range & Anniversary range.

Disclosure: I was sent two bouquets of Debenhams Flowers free of charge for review. No payment was received. All posts are 100% honest.

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