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Help, I’m all out of ideas! – me

I love devising special adventures, creating personalised gifts and planning suprises, but this year, I’ve run out of inspiration a bit, so I took to the blogosphere and asked: What’s the silliest/sweetest/craziest thing you’ve done for Father’s Day?

Here are the answers – there are some great ideas in here:

  • Kip says, “My daughter made me a comic which was pretty cute.” Have a look – it is cuteness factor 10.
  • Ness says, “Kirsty asked if she could make a card for hubby. We left it in his car as he was in work at 5:30am & bless him he burst into tears! A simple handmade card was all it was.” Simple, cute, and we have the tear-factor – this one’s a goodun!
  • “Ted is too little to understand fathers day so this year I wrote a message to Joe from Ted,” says Jade. “It made him cry at work. Shows you dont need to spend money to make it special.” Too true!
  • “We made face biscuits last year,” says Joy. Gifts you can eat? I like that thinking.
  • “I got Ben a bungee jump”, says Chelsea. I say, that’s just showing off!
  • “I wrote a list of Father’s Day gift ideas and my favourite was the kisses print,” says Lucy. “Homemade and totally sweet. Although I still love the Fuzzy Felt Face we made last year!” Cute factor does seem to be important.
  • “We put notes in his pack lunch on Father’s Day, love hearts in his pocket and got his workmate to put a picture my son had drawn of him and his Daddy in his locker, so it was the first thing he saw when he went to get changed,” says Rachel. Now that is some serious planning – I’m not sure I’m that organised!
  • Emma says, “My Mr isn’t the kids’ dad but I still take him out for a day trip each Father’s Day as taking someone else’s children as your own is amazing and he is a great role model. We went to Hatton Farm last year and are going to LEGOLAND on Sunday.” Totally agree, being a daddy is about more than just biology. Hats off to you, Emma.
  • “We are going camping this weekend. #howIroll,” says Kelly. I reckon that qualifies, Kelly. Assuming he likes camping…
  • Helen gets creative with her offering. “I wrote a poem last year,” she says. “It was about my Dad, and my hubby too really, very simple.”
  • ‘The baby’ sent my husband his first Father’s Day card when I was pregnant (I blame the hormones!)” says Gillian “Last year we bought him a footprint printing kit with four canvases – we did the first footprint on Father’s Day and will do one each year for the next three years.” I love the idea of starting an annual family tradition – gorgeous.
  • “When I was pregnant with my eldest we didn’t know we were having her until I was taken into hospital with pains on Father’s Day,” says Clare. “My OH wasn’t with me as he was away with work so I had a card made with the picture of the scan and gave it to him when he came home. He was shocked and over the moon! I have no idea how I kept it from him for two days until he was home!” Now that is a level of willpower and secret-keeping that is WAY beyond my abilities!
  • “I sent my father a scan pic of my eldest on Father’s day and inside the card I wrote Hello Grandad,” Debbie says. “That’s how I told him I was pregnant. He was overjoyed at his first grandchild.” Sniff. You’re all so lovely!

If you’re still stuck for ideas, how about this tongue-in-cheek infographic from Center Parcs. Can you spot your partner/dad in there?

Click here to view a larger version.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Center Parcs.

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