Tommee Tippee Video Monitor with under-mattress sensor (review)


I’m on my way, sweetheart – me

Miss J is getting really good at going to sleep at a reasonable hour and then staying asleep until morning. At 20 months, it has taken her longer than most to learn to self-sooth, I guess, but we’re getting there and I’m proud of her.

She’s dozed next to me in the lounge of an evening for so long it feels really odd putting her in the cot and coming back down, but our Tommee Tippee Video Monitor with under-mattress sensor has helped give me the confidence to stick with it.

The camera is of a really good quality and runs on batteries or off the mains. I spent a little while tying the wires safely out of reach and then switched it on. In daylight, the video is colour, switching to infrared when it gets dark. The image in both lights is clear and works best, I find, when you put a bit of distance (at least 3 feet) between the camera and the cot, otherwise all you really see is the bars!

The camera also pivots inside the unit, so you can tilt it up or down until you get a good view. On the back of the unit is a night light that can be set to varying brightness using the camera unit’s own controls, or the controls on the viewing unit. If I want a better view when I’m downstairs, I can zoom in a little using a control on the viewing unit.

The video unit also broadcasts sound digitally to the viewing unit, which means I can hear when Miss J stirs. Rather ingeniously, I can also press a little speech bubble button on the viewing unit and speak back to her. This two-way system comes in real handy for just sending a soothing word without waking her up completely by tearing upstairs.

When plugging everything in for the first time, I was immediately prompted to attach the sensor cable. This was, again, really straightforward and just involved putting a thin pad, about the size of an A4 piece of paper, underneath Miss J’s mattress and tying the cables safely out of reach. Once set up, the viewing unit pipped rhythmically with her breathing, which I found a little unnerving and so soon found the menu settings so that it just flashes a little light instead. The steady blinking is immeasurably reassuring.

If the unit ceases to detect any breathing or movement, it sets off a reasonably loud alarm from both units, which has worked every time I’ve tested it so far. Well, I say tested it, I actually mean, every time I lifted her out and totally forgot to turn it off, only to be panicked by the alarm a few seconds later!

The sensor also comes with three levels of sensitivity, so you can make sure it’s not picking up background movement. I discovered after a couple of nights of use that the viewing unit also gives off an alarm if it’s low on battery or the signal is lost – this makes absolute sense but did give me a bit of a heart attack the first time it happened, for obvious reasons. Luckily, the monitor has a range of 300m, so isn’t likely to lose signal in our house!

A final plus point in that the batteries in both units are rechargable, so while you’re running on the mains, you’re also charging up the units, ready to be used portably again later.

Check out this video to see the monitor in action:

Overall, I’m really pleased with the Tommee Tippee Video Monitor. I have it next to me right now and would definitely recommend it. At £200 RRP, it’s not the cheapest on the market, but for a digital video monitor with two-way sound and a movement sensor, I think it’s well worth it for the peace of mind it affords.

Disclosure: we were sent the two-way Tommee Tippee Video Monitor free-of-charge for review. No payment was received. All posts are 100% honest.

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