Mud Crab Pacifico, West Bridgford, Nottingham (restaurant review)


It was the best – JD, 5

Popular West Bridgford Italian, Felicini’s recently re-branded to become Mud Crab. We, like all good humans, fear change but on a sunny day we thought we’d give it a go.

It was the outdoor seating that drew us in, positioned in front of a wide open, concertinaed facade, it made for a welcoming sight on a hot day. So, we made our way inside to enjoy the rays from the cool of the shade.


Inside, the decor has seen only a modest re-jig from its previous incarnation. I’m pretty sure these weren’t there before though…


With a name like Mud Crab, I was a little worried the menu would be all seafood, but that’s not the case. The restaurant’s theme is apparently Australian-inspired and feels a little like you’ve climbed off a boat somewhere hot, taken off your backpack and wondered into the nearest cafe.

There’s a good range of food choices, from pizzas and burgers to Moroccan spiced pasta and Lebanese inspired wraps. Oh, and all the portions are HUGE.

I opted for the Falafel Wrap with lavash bread, BBQ peppers and hummus (£7), plus a side of fries (£2).


I was really impressed – excellent falafel, peppery rocket, creamy hummus and soft, moreish bread. The fries were crispy and beyond plentiful. There was far too much for me to eat in one sitting, so the waiting staff kindly packaged the other wrap (yes, there were two) for me to take home.

JD opted for pizza (£5.95 from the children’s menu), but didn’t like the sound of pepperoni, so we paid a little extra for a topping of prosciutto and red pepper.


He ate all but one slice, which suggests he was impressed and he reported that it hadn’t changed since the cafe was Felicini’s.

I was far too full for dessert, but JD opted for ice cream, priced at £3.50 for two scoops. He settled on one chocolate scoop, one white chocolate scoop – a good choice, which he polished off rapidly, but not before I’d snuck a tiny taste.


The manager mentioned that it was good quality ice cream and I can believe it, tasting light and creamy and free from the nasty aftertaste you get all too often in modern ice cream.

All in all, the wrap and fries, pizza, two drinks and an ice cream came in just shy of £25 – not at all bad for the portion sizes and food quality. Better still, the atmosphere was bright and airy, the staff were attentive and polite and we didn’t feel rushed. 10/10.

Mud Crab Pacifico
Central Avenue
West Bridgford
Notts. NG2 5GQ

Like this review? We’re making our way round Nottingham and beyond, testing out as many eateries as we can from a family perspective. Stay tuned!

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  1. bad food says

    Just like to say thank you for giving all of us food poisoning !!! ( a table of 6 2 children 4 adaults ) when we telephoned to tell The Mud Crab about this ,they could not care less and said it could not be from us, But if the tolets are dirty and smelly so I dred to think what the kitching is like. this is a case of its just the location that make the place busy SO IF YOU WANT FOOD POISIONING GO TO THE MUD CRAB West Bridgford

  2. Michelle says

    Don’t bother going if there are more than 2 buggies in your party! At 10am this morning we were told we had to sit outside on the edge because they couldn’t accommodate us, even though we have been going there for 6 weeks!

    • says

      Hi Paul – thanks for your comments.

      I went today and found the service perfectly acceptable for a busy, sunny Sunday. We were seated immediately, had our drinks brought quickly, our order taken soon after and then had a 15/20 min wait for our mains, which I think is fine at peak period.

      True, they did take longer than I’d have preferred to return with the bill, but I certainly wouldn’t write them off.
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