Modern parenting: my Family, the Urbo and Me


How was your day? – me

For those who don’t already know, this is me…

Emily Leary amummytooHow would I describe myself? A mum, a wife, a photographer, a cook, a marketer. Passionate. Always busy. Always tired. Above all, I love my family.

Before marriage and children, I left the house at 6am, travelled an hour across London, spent an hour at the gym, worked from 8am to 8pm, went home and worked some more. I loved work and didn’t really want to do anything else. Then came the revelation that there was more to life. I fell head over heels in love with my family, and now I work hard to keep my two passions going in tandem, with varying success.

The pic up there at the top is of my beautiful toddler daughter, Miss J, standing next to the Urbo, a lightweight travel stroller we’re reviewing from Mamas & Papas.

When we’re out as a family, it’s me, Miss J, JD (5) and my husband, Mark. We generally take public transport everywhere, so a stroller that’s easy to get up and down curbs, onto bus platforms and into train storage racks in a must – the Urbo ticks those boxes.

Often, after a hasty breakfast and a flurry of activity as JD pulls on shoes and Miss J climbs into her stroller (she’s an independent little soul) we’ll take the walk to school together as a family. This means JD on foot, and either Mark or myself pushing Miss J along in her stroller. We chat as we walk. We practice sums. We sing songs. As both Mark and I work full time, those walks are incredibly important – they help keep us bonded and together as a family.

Sometimes, we have to balance work and parenting a little more closely than might be described as ideal – scooting to nursery at top speed in high heels, for example – but 99% of the time, it all fits together, somehow. And the Urbo looks stylish enough to move seamlessly between those worlds.

In the evenings – tired from our days at nursery, school, work – we all roll in by foot, bus, taxi, stroller, and share the stories of our days. We unclip stroller straps, rummage through book bags, put away laptops and eat, laugh and relax together, briefly, before the rush of bedtime routines starts up – songs, stories, essential soft toys. And then finally, Mark and I collapse into bed, for what seems like 10 minutes, before we’re up and starting the day again.

That’s my life. What’s yours?

Disclosure: we were sent the Urbo for review. This post also appears on the Mamas & Papas blog.

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