A Taste of Glastonbury at my desk with Seed and Bean


I’m at home eating chocolate. Things could be worse – me

I used to love Summer gigs. Standing in a field, calves aching like mad, ears almost numbed from standing too near the front, elbows in ribs, crushed plastic cups under foot, the weight of thousands of people behind me and the all consuming sound of my favourite bands. Joy.

It’s been years since I made it to a festival, my life becoming more about nappies and bills than festival thrills, but I do still like to watch them on TV as I sit at my desk of an evening, catching up on paperwork and organising the week ahead.

Seed & Bean unveiled their latest confectionery exclusively at Glastonbury Festival this year, giving the first tastes of their three new ‘Glastonbury’ flavours to 18,000 festival goers. I wasn’t there, of course, but I have got some on my desk now, which is some consolation.

Seed & Bean is the UK’s only 100% ethically accredited chocolate company. In addition, all the ingredients are organic and the wrappers are biodegradeable.

So what are the flavours actually like?

Milk Chocolate with Cornish Sea Salt and West Indies Lime is an unusual bar of chocolate – it’s super smooth chocolate mixed with tangy, zesty and salty flavourings. I kind of expected it not to work, but it does. It tastes grown up – almost like a cocktail. This flavour was JD’s favourite.

White Chocolate Raspberry and Vanilla is a less unusual combination, but doesn’t quite hit the mark. While I was sold on the combination of creamy chocolate, vanilla and tangy raspberries, Mark wasn’t keen on the very slightly gritty texture that interrupts the buttery smoothness of the chocolate. The kids weren’t keen either.

The Dark Chocolate with Sicilian Hazelnut is an acquired taste. It’s intense, dark and nutty. If you don’t like dark chocolate or nuts, this obviously isn’t for you as the flavours are strong, but if you do, you can get lost in the full bodied tones of a single square, and a single bar should last you all evening.

The Glastonbury Festival chocolate bars are available via the Seed & Bean website as well as in supermarkets priced at £2.29 for an 85g bar.

Disclosure: we were sent some Seed & Bean chocolate to review. No payment was received. All posts are 100% honest.

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