Bandino’s back to school name bands, for items where labels won’t cut it (review)


Mine! – Miss J, 1

If you have nursery or school age children, chances are you have things to label that don’t really lend well to stickers or stitching – water bottles, sippy cups, the pram…

For this reason, I’m loving this simple, attractive and hard-wearing solution from Bandino: personalised bands.

Bandino Name Bands are like thick rubber bands in bright colours, embossed with the words of your choice. They’re not security devices, obviously, as you can pop them off as easily as they pop on, but they’re great for situations where flexible, waterproof labelling is needed, like when looking to reduce the likelihood that your preschooler is sharing their water bottle with 20 other sniffly small people.

From scooters to snack pots, they have loads of labelling uses (how about as allergy alerts or ‘if found, please return to’ labels?) and the shape means they even add some extra grip to a water bottle or beaker.

£8.95 for a pack of 3 might seem a little steep, but they’re personalised, BPA free, wipe clean, dishwasher and microwave safe, reusable, and look a whole lot more attractive than permanent marker, so you might want to make an investment.

Disclosure: we were sent a band for review. No payment was received. All posts are honest.

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