Breakfast with Belvita (review)


Can I have another one? – JD, 5

One glorious day this summer, we planned. We didn’t plan the practical stuff, huddled over spreadsheets and bank statements, fuelled by tea, juice and bad moods, no, today we planned for fun, and we did it outside.

In a box that morning arrived a picnic bag, picnic blanket, notebook, snacks, a guide to things to do in England and a challenge. That challenge was to get outdoors and enjoy the summer together without faff. We hadn’t even had breakfast when we pulled our shoes on, but it didn’t matter because the snacks were, rather handily, breakfast biscuits. Clever, eh?

So, we grabbed our biscuits and a few bananas, got out and we played. We stopped for drinks (milk for the kids, tea for me) and then we sat on the grass, eating our breakfast picnic and flicking through the guide, choosing places to go and things to see and scribbling them into our planner.

Anyway, dialling back a bit, are you still horrified that we had biscuits for breakfast? It’s not as horrendous as it sounds. Belvita Breakfast Apricot & Live Yogurt Duo Crunch breakfast biscuits are made from live yogurt and sticky apricot jam, sandwiched between two wholegrain biscuits.

Each pack of two biscuits contains 222kcals, 7.6g fat, 13g sugar and 0.28g of salt. Each pack also contains 14.6g of wholegrain and has apparently been shown in clinical studies to release carbohydrates continuously over four hours when eaten as part of a balanced breakfast, e.g. with an apple & a latte.

So what do they taste like? Well let’s talk about the smell first. They smell fine, but not amazing, because despite being free of preservatives and colouring, they have that sweet, almost artificial breakfast supplement smell – I think in previous posts I’ve described it as being like playdough.

Luckily, they don’t taste like playdough (I don’t eat playdough, honestly). They taste sweet, and the apricot and yoghurt flavours come through well. The biscuit is made from what feels like a very finely ground flour that makes for a pleasingly crisp and crumbly bite not unlike a jammy dodger, but there’s a very slightly claggy after taste, while the larger bits of wholegrain leave bits in your teeth. Overall the texture is not at all unpleasant, especially if eaten with a cuppa, and they’re surprisingly filling too. Let’s remember that this is a relatively healthy breakfast biscuit, not a butter rich shortbread!

I most certainly wouldn’t eat biscuits instead of a ‘proper’ breakfast every day, but for times when we need to get out and on the go quickly, they’re a handy thing to have in my handbag. Oh, incidentally, each pack is individually marked with the best before end date – why don’t all multipack snacks have that?!)

Belvita Breakfast Apricot & Live Yogurt Duo Crunch biscuits are available now in all major supermarkets with an RRP of £2.79 for a box contain five foiled wrapped duo-packs.

Disclosure: we were sent a breakfast kit in order to get out and try the biscuits. No payment was received for this post. All posts are honest.

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