Love Clarks maple syrup? They’ve just brought out a runny honey! (review)


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I’ve written before about how keen I am on the Clarks range of maple syrups. Well they’ve just moved into the honey market with a new product, Clarks Clear Honey that brings clear, British honey to the shelves of ASDA.

Apparently British honey tends to be set, so if you’re used to buying clear, runny honey, it probably comes from abroad. The clever folks at Clarks, however, have worked out that if they blend British honey with Blossom and Acacia honey, they can stop is crystallizing, producing a runny honey that’s at least part British born.

At £2.68 for a 340g jar, it’s about 10p dearer than the leading brand of runny honey, and about £1 dearer than most supermarket own brand varieties. Still, if you want to support British bees as you eat your breakfast, it could be worth the extra spend, particularly as Acacia honey has a very low sucrose content and a high fructose level, so it’s a better choice for those trying to limit sugar in their diet.

Now, being the diligent food blogger that I am, I felt only obliged to try it out smothered on pancakes filled with sliced bananas…


The verdict? It’s good! Slightly flowery in flavour, which took my tastebuds a few bites to adjust to, but really quite tasty and no different in texture from other runny honeys. I shall have to force myself to have pancakes more often…

Disclosure: we were sent some Clarks honey and pancakes for this review. No payment was received for this post. All posts are 100% honest.

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  1. Dr W Edmund says

    A very nice honey and very good for you. However it does have a fragrance and taste that doesn’t quite enhance my tea. I drink Assam Tea several times a day and Clarks honey changes the taste quite remarkably. It is however really very nice on toasted scones and rolls and I now have it every morning for breakfast. I suspect it would be very good with porridge but will try it soon.