Did you have a Sodastream as a kid? They’ve had a reboot!


Oh, wow, I haven’t seen one of those in a LONG time! – my mum

This rather lovely machine looks great in my kitchen. It’s not the seventies, beige machine I recall from my childhood. No, this metallic, sleek little beast is the Sodastream of the 21st century, and it’s pretty darn cool.

What’s really clever about the Sodastream Source is that you can have your drink exactly the way YOU like it. The lights on the front tell you how fizzy the water is getting.

Only like a little fizz? Just hold down until the first light comes on. Like it a bit fizzier, hold down until the second or third light comes on. Like your drinks much less sugary than the canned stuff, just put less mix in. Like your drinks super sweet? Add extra mix. It’s your call! All the flavours I’ve tried so far have been perfectly nice – a reasonable rival to the most expensive pre-made brands.

Now the big question several people have asked me is whether it’s a really expensive way to enjoy fizzy drinks. And my answer? It’s actually pretty cost effective.

Obviously you have the initial outlay – the Sodasteam Source in Metallic White you see above is £129.99, but there are more basic looking models available from £49.99. With that, you get one carbonating bottle, one gas cannister and nine flavour samples.

The gas cylinders make about 60 litres of drink. They’re about £18.97 new, but you can swap your empty one for a full one at Argos for £9.99. That’s about 16.7p per litre.

The flavour bottles are generally £3.99 for 12 litres – that’s about 33.3p per litre.

So, we’re talking 50p per litre after the initial outlay. Compare that to the £3 I would spend on two 500ml bottles of Coke bought from the vending machine at work and it’s 83% cheaper – a pretty favourable comparison, I think.

Of course, you can get the very cheapest supermarket cola for even less than 50p a litre, but I still think it’s great value for a tasty fizzy drink made to order and exactly as you like it terms of fizz and strength.

Another thing I like about the Sodastream is that it’s better for the environment. I now enjoy my drinks at work without the need to put ANY plastic in the recycling bin. I just take my bottle home, wash it and use it again.

Disclosure: we were given the Sodastream for review. No payment was received for this post. All posts are 100% honest.

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    But about the same or more (depending on your favourite fizzy drink) if you buy your drinks at Tesco. I wouldn’t have mentioned this except that you make the 83% cheaper claim about coke from a vending machine. Well obviously but who buys regularly from a vending machine? It’s more useful to compare with what people usually spend on the similar product and here there is no saving.
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  2. says

    I loved my 1980s sodeastream and I am really tempted to give my kids the chance to enjoy the pleasure of having one. Of course, I would make the odd drink with it as well, just for old time’s sake