Fire and Stone, Covent Garden (restaurant review)


*gasp* Can I have ice cream? – JD, 5

A couple of weeks ago, JD and I hopped on a train to London. While there, we were invited to enjoy a meal for review at Fire & Stone, Covent Garden.

I only had my little camera with me, which means I’m not sure the pics do it justice, but let me start by saying that every item we ordered was excellent and the waiting staff made us feel very welcome throughout the visit, including giving JD an activity pack keep him busy while we waited, briefly, between courses.

For starters, JD and I share a bowl of marinated rosemary & garlic olives (£2.95) and a generous bowl of breadcrumbed zucchini sticks (£4.95). Man alive, those courgette sticks were good. JD only wanted a couple (he’s not the most adventurous of eaters) so I wolfed them down at a rate I’m not entirely proud of. They were crispy on the outside, soft and almost gooey on the inside. The warmth of the oil and crumb, the coolness of the creamy garlic dip, the tang of the cheese – a great starter.

For mains, I chose Rustic tomato pasta (£8.25), which consisted of a generously sized bowl of penne pasta tossed in tomato sauce, with a scattering of torn mozzarella, super-juicy, skinned cherry tomatoes and topped torn basil leaves and grated parmesan. The pasta was firm but with a little give, the sauce was subtley flavoured, the mozarella was creamy but sparse enough not to overpower the dish, while the whole cherry tomatoes lent little burst of juicey sweetness every few bites. A good, solid main.

I chose to accompany my main with a rocket salad, topped with shavings of parmesan. It complemented the main well, but was pretty pricey from what it was at £3.45.

JD opted for his usual main, a kid’s pizza with ham and peppers – £5.95 from the kid’s menu, which also covered his drink and dessert. It was a sensible size, and well topped with good quality ham. He ate the lot.

Though utterly and almost dizzyingly stuffed, we decided to go for dessert and I’m glad we did.

JD chose a bowl of good quality ice cream (one chocolate, one vanilla) and I went for the homemade chocolate brownie (£4.95) on the recommendation of the waiter. I’m glad I did as I can say with all honestly that it was the best brownie I have ever tasted, no contest. Warm and melt in the mouth with just a hint of a firmer crust, every bite of this rich brownie dissolved in my mouth, complemented perfectly by the cool Madagascan vanilla ice cream. Perfection. The chocolate sauce wasn’t needed and didn’t really add anything to taste of the dish, but did of course serve to improve the look of the dish.

In total, for the two of us (one adult, one child) we ordered two soft drinks, two starters, two mains, a side salad and two desserts, with the bill coming to £33. Very reasonable for a three course, great tasting meal in a central London location. Dining recommended!

Fire & Stone, Covent Garden

  • Address: 31/32 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7JS
  • Tel: 0844 371 2550
  • Opening Times: 12pm-11pm Sun-Wed, 12pm-12am Thurs-Sat

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