Funky Giraffe bandana bibs – bright styles at affordable prices


I’m getting seriously broody – me

I don’t know about you, but when my little ones started teething, BOY did they dribble. I think they soaked through a bib within 10 minutes and during the worst of it, had rashes on their tiny chests.

The type of bib that seemed to cope best with all that drool was the bandana shape, with fleece backing, which keeps the majority of the moisture of their skin and seems to take longer to feel entirely sodden.

The bibs you see here are just that type and come in a range of funky designs, which is apt, as the brand name is Funky Giraffe.


There are zillions (ok, maybe not zillions, but definitely loads) of styles to choose from, including plain and flowery ones, and they’re very reasonably priced for bibs of this type at £11 for five with free delivery.

Funky Giraffe also sells XL Bibs, Baby Socks, Moccasins, Baby Hats, Burp Cloths and Baby Clothes in similarly bright styles and low prices, so do have a look at the Funky Giraffe website – there are bargains to be had!

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