Nia’s Foods – tasty treats free from dairy, wheat, gluten, soy and animal products


Oh, wow, how did you make the bacon?! – me

While in London at the beginning of the Summer, I met up with an amazing lady called Nia.

Nia is passionate about good food, which is awesome, but more amazingly, she’s incredibly skilled at producing meat and allergen free treats.

As a vegetarian who struggles with dairy and eggs, I couldn’t wait to see what treat she was going to bring along. I was staggered by her ‘bacon and maple syrup doughnuts’…because they’re completely gluten free and vegan! She makes the bacon using coconut shavings, natural flavourings and some impressive skills.

Nia delivers within London and the surrounding area. Check out her website, Nia’s Foods – she’s one cool lady :)

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