The handbag love affair continues. A Mummy Too loves…Nova Harley (review)


Perhaps we should have another baby so that I can get more use of these bags – me

Oh yes, it is that time again, where I fawn over some designer bags by way of the written word. They’re lovely, though, so feel free to fawn along with me.

Above, in luscious lemon, you see before you the beautiful Nova Harley Manhattan as photographed by my lovely husband as I was, you know, clutching the thing with pride at the time. Isn’t it gorgeous? Now, you may or may not have guessed, but this is a baby changing bag. A high quality, soft leather BABY BAG. Aces, eh?

The leather is crazily soft, the finish is squeezably smooth and it’s comfortable to carry, either using the hand straps (which have very neat matching stitch detail) or the clip on shoulder strap. If you don’t want to carry it, it also comes with matching buggy straps and has little soft leather feet for when you need to set it down. The bag itself isn’t heavy at all, but obviously if you load it up with all the accessories and all of your baby supplies, it will get quite weighty. For long journeys, a broader, padded shoulder strap attachment might have been a good addition, but it’s a tiny niggle.

There’s bags of space inside (see what I did there?) so you could easily use it as an overnight bag, but when you’re lugging around baby supplies, it’s a little bit of genius. Inside, there are no less than 13 pockets and zipper storage sections, each labelled with a little white outline image printed on the wipe clean black lining, with yellow trimmed pockets. Check it out – no more rummaging through a zillion pockets trying to remember which one you put the Calpol spoon in!


The Nova Harley Manhattan also comes with a thermo insulated black bottle tote and a large black padded, wipe clean change mat with water proof lining.

Being a premium leather handbag, it isn’t cheap, of course, but if you’re looking for a bit of stylish luxury, the Nova Harley Manhattan retails at £224 and is also available in orange or blackberry. Would I pay that much? If I was starting again with a newborn and wanted to choose one bag to last me the course, yes, I might well do so. It’s the wrong shape to fit a laptop, though, so if I was hoping to use it for work, then I might chose something else from the range…

Orange more your bag? (I’m all about the puns today) I’ve also been test driving the Nova Harley Melbourne in Orange, which is damn fine.


It has a stylish, trapezoid shape and a more classic grain to the leather finish. Of the two bags, it’s smaller and lighter so probably the more practical day bag, but also the showier of the two, with high shine, bronze clasps, little bronze feet and a decorative bronze chain with heart detail. It stands out without being over the top – it’s perfect for a day out with the kids and it’s perfect to take into the office. I can even fit my laptop into it with room to spare. I love it. Again, I’d just like something matching to slip onto the shoulder strap to make it broader on long days.

Inside, the Nova Harley Melbourne boasts all the same baby changing pockets, labels and accessories as the rest of the range, including the bottle holder and buggy clips, so if you fancy a bronzed goddess on your arm as you ferry your small people about town, you could do a lot worse that the Nova Harley Melbourne, RRP £280, also available in pink or black.

Would I pay £280 for the Nova Harley Melbourne? Again, if it was I choosing a bag to last me through the baby years, then yes, I might well make the investment. I’d possible get this one in black, though, so that I could use it seamlessly in work meetings, evenings out and playdates with no outfit clashes. Would you?

Disclosure: we were sent the bags for review. No payment was received. All posts are 100% honest.

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  1. Lynette Furber says

    Wow, both of these bags are gorgeous! I have been admiring the Nova Harley range online while shoving the laptop in hubby’s direction, well…. it is almost my birthday after all, haha. xx