Evil phone company (Wot so Funee?)


Please don’t go to Talk Talk

JD: Mummy, please, please don’t got to Talk Talk?

Me: Go to where?

JD: Talk Talk!

Me: Oh. Why?

JD: Because you make one phone call, and they do the rest, so we’d never be able to call Grandma AGAIN! *genuinely wells up a bit*

Wot So Funee?

Wot So Funee? If you’re a fan of Actually Mummy, you’ll know that she hosts a weekly link up for parent bloggers with their own hilarious tales to tell. I’m hosting that very link-up for her this week, so if you have something to share, click the use ‘You are next… Click here to enter’ link below to enter your post. (If all this is news to you, you can check out the Wot So Funee? main page for more info).

It’s not obligatory, but if you include a link back here in your own post, it’ll help everyone find more funees, and I’ll return the favour with a tweet-out.

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