New Dr. Oetker stone baked Tradizionale pizzas (review)


Can we have these again? – JD, 6

For ‘pizza night’ this week we’ve been taste-testing the latest addition to the Dr. Oetker range: Tradizionale.

Currently available in three varieties – ‘Mozzarella’, ‘Salame’ and ‘Prosciutto-Funghi’ – the pizzas are baked directly on hot stones, which makes the medium-thickness base crispy on the outside but soft and airy on the inside.

The slightly rustic look is visually appealing, the balance between base and topping is good, and the flavours taste fresh and not overly processed. They’re bigger than they look on the pic above – that’s a huge plate.

The Mozzarella variety is topped with creamy cheese, sweet basil pesto and tangy cherry tomatoes – I’d happily buy it again. The Salame variety is topped with what Mark described at good quality salame and a modest sprinkling of herbs – he was very keen. The Prosciutto-Funghi is topped with prosciutto ham and herbs, which the kids liked very much, although it would be improved by a few more sliced mushrooms as there was only the slightest sprinkling.

The Dr Oetker Tradizionale range of pizzas have an RRP of £3.50 and can be found in the freezer aisle of Tesco, ASDA and Waitrose. We like making our own pizzas as a rule, but when we want an easy solution, the Tradizionale range will definitely be on our shortlist.

Disclosure: we were sent pizzas to review. No payment was received for this post. All posts are 100% honest.

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