Draw all over the tablecloth with washable felt tips! (review)


Draw on the cloth?! – Miss J

If you’ve got kids, chances are they have, at some point or another, drawn on the walls, left an uncapped pen to seep into the sofa upholstery, or strayed from the paper and scribbled all over the table. Often, they don’t even do it with any intention of wrongdoing, so you can’t really be cross. Yep, in this house, non-conformist canvas choices for artistic expressions are typically met with a combination of horror, laughter and wondering which stain remover is safe to use on walls/carpets/curtains/ceilings – kids, eh?

Anyway, with all those wiped walls and sponged sofas and scoured surfaces, coupled with many a soft-voiced lecture about how pens must stay on paper, you can imagine the kids’ looks of amazement when I spread a crisp, new tablecloth over the dining room table and invited them to draw on it.

Once they were sure it was definitely ok to draw on the Doodle Tablecloth from Lakeland, off they went.


The cotton cloth is large and covered with graph paper style lines, so it lends itself well to freestyle and structure drawing and writing. It comes with a set of brightly coloured pens, each with a thin and thick nib at either end, and all washable so you can chuck the cloth in the washing machine and start again with a fresh canvas whenever you’re ready to.

Here’s JD’s first piece.


He doesn’t often have much patience for colouring in, but he sat for the best part of an hour creating this while chatting with his sister.

We expect to use it often, so I think it’s well worth the £29.99 price tag, especially if you have a party planned or the children tend to have friends home after school/clubs as it should keep them all busy for ages!

Disclosure: we were sent the tablecloth for review. No payment was received. All posts are 100% honest.

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    I adore Lakeland, they have so many ‘must-have’ products that I never knew I needed until I looked at the catalogue! As they are washable pens does that mean that the designs disappear when you wash the cloth and the kids can then start again? I’d love to know how well the designs wash out if that is the case. If they are permanent it would be a lovely piece of family art to keep. Your little ones are so talented I love their drawings x
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