Get your kids to Capture the Colour for a chance to win £1,000


Where’s my camera? I want to photograph this! – JD, 5 If you’re a fan of photography, you may remember that last summer, Travel Supermarket ran a hugely popular photo competition, Capture the Colour. This year, it’s running again, but with the addition of a new layer, ‘Kids Capture the Colour’, a chance for children […]

Play Snake Retro with Carphone Warehouse for a chance to win a smartphone (sponsored post)


I’m just going to have one more go – me, repeatedly Attention, lovers of state-of-the-art smartphones and all those who can recall the sepia tones of 90s mobile phone screens… Carphone Warehouse has a giveaway running at the moment. The prize is a shiny new iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4, which is cool, but […]

Have you opened a savings account for when your child reaches adulthood?

Future in tiny hands

I could buy all the Hero Factory there is! – JD, 5 When JD was born back in 2007, the decision to set up a trust fund for him wasn’t a difficult one. We were incentivised – as all parents were back then – with a £250 starting voucher. We set up an account, paid […]