PR / Disclosure Policy


I welcome PR approaches that are relevant to this blog. Just let me know what you think might work.

I work hard to produce content that can be trusted, and aim to provide the kind of information about products / services / activities that people really want to know.

With every post, I aim to be totally honest. This means that if I review something, however I came by it, I’ll mention the good, the bad and the ugly.

If I’ve been given a product or experience for the purposes of a review, I’ll let you know.

If I’ve received a fee to publish a post, it will be clearly labelled ‘sponsored post’, “commissioned” or ‘in association with’.

In some cases, I will work with a brand beyond a single post – as a brand ambassador, for example. In such cases, a fee or other form of payment may be received and again, this will be clearly disclosed.

I do not accept paid links unless they comply with Google’s Terms of Use.

If you’re ever unclear about a label on a post, you are always very welcome to get in touch.