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Easy creme egg Easter chicks

Follow this simple recipe to create your own creme egg Easter chicks! 
Course: Festive makes
Servings: 5
Author: Emily Leary


  • 5 creme eggs
  • 1 pack of orange flavour chocolate buttons from the baking aisle
  • 6 squares of cooking chocolate
  • 2 packs of white chocolate buttons
  • 2 packs of milk chocolate buttons
  • 1 black writing icing pen


  • Melt the cooking chocolate and get a clean teaspoon ready
  • Turn a clean, empty mug or bowl upside down (this bit's important!)
  • Place two orange buttons side by side on the upturned mug/bowl
  • Using the teaspoon, put a small blob of melted chocolate behind the two buttons, where they meet
  • Stick a creme egg on top, pointy end up
  • Using the melted chocolate as glue stick on: Two milk chocolate buttons (for the wings), one milk chocolate button (for the tail at the back), two white chocolate buttons (for the eyes), one orange button (cut into a triangle, for the beak), one orange button (cut into a crescent, for the crest)
  • Draw the pupils on with the icing pen, then dab with a wet finger to flatten
  • Allow the chicks to set and then free them from the bowl by turning it right way up again and filling with a little boiled water - carefully pull on the chick after a few seconds and it should come off whole.