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A Mummy Too was founded in 2011, born out of a love of family, food and photography. As a busy consultant with projects in all sorts of industries, this blog began as a place to celebrate that as well as all that, I’m a mummy too.

The blog grew at an incredible rate and in 2013, after a lot of plate spinning and one big deep breath, I left a 12-year career in digital marketing behind to write about food and lifestyle full-time. So, I’m still a working mum, but my focus has shifted and I couldn’t be happier.

Today, A Mummy Too is the place to come for daily recipes (there are currently over 350 in my recipe index), tips and video guides for anyone who believes a shortage of spare time shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy beautiful, delicious things.

If you’d like to know what I get up to in more detail, read on…


Blogging takes up a big chunk of my time, but I’m also a freelance columnist, producing food, travel and lifestyle content for mainstream media, such as Cruise International Magazine, as well as for brands, such as Mothercare, for whom I’m a regular parenting writer.

My work includes everything from short how-to guides, to snappy top tips articles, to more in-depth pieces.

I also develop, test and shoot recipes, sometimes for media and often for brands, supporting campaigns and incorporating exciting new products, from kitchen gadgets to the latest ingredients. I also work with a select number of brands to bring a foodie edge to their editorial websites. Currently, I’m proud to be resident food blogger for Avon UK and the Family Food Blogger at AO.com.

As well as writing, I work on my YouTube channel and with brands to produce all sorts of video content, from chat shows to recipe guides. I am also a regular on local and national radio.

You might imagine that, as a blogger you’ll mostly find me tucked in a dark room lit only by my monitor, or buried under mountains of pots, pans and sprinkles – and there’s a grain of truth to that – but I also love working with a live audience, so I regularly partner with brands to run workshops, presentations and demonstrations at everything from consumer events and exhibitions, to trade shows, to conferences.

My articles, recipes, tips and interviews have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, websites and radio stations, including…


Who built/shot/made that?

Unless otherwise stated on a particular post, it’s safe to assume that any content on my site was created by me. This includes the photography. These days I generally shoot with a Canon 5D Mk II, with the occasional iPhone shot thrown in for good measure.

My website is built on the WordPress Genesis framework with a third party theme on top, which I customised over time and continue to tweak now and then.

Meet the rest of the team (aka my family)

I am the sole creator and author of A Mummy Too, but I couldn’t do any of it without these lovely people…


Mark is my husband and also happens to be an extremely talented graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. I don’t call on his help often, but when I do, he always does an amazing job – from helping with banners, to taking shots for an outfit post.

JD and Miss J

JD is our bright, funny, creative 7 year old son and Miss J is our smart, witty, creative 3 year old daughter. They are toy-testing, food-sampling, film-reviewing, mess-making experts and I couldn’t come up with craft ideas, pull together reviews or develop recipes without their input. They are my mini-heroes.


Maeve is a retired college lecturer and a highly intelligent, mega-creative whirlwind of wonderfulness. She’s also my mum. Occasionally, when I’m super busy and especially if I’m doing studio/events work, she helps keep things ticking over; researching and collating background info for articles and spotting typos. Mums are ace, aren’t they?

And also…

As of Spring 2015, I’m working with an incredible VA, Carol, who is spending a few hours a month helping me keep the admin side of things running smoothly. Phew.

Thank you!

So that’s me and this is a A Mummy Too. Thanks so much for reading.

Please take a look around the rest of the site, drop me a line if you have any questions, and I hope you have fun while you’re here.

The background image on this site is from Shutterstock @ Amethist. Many thanks to Sally Whittle, Mumsnet and Mummy from the Heart, Ellie Gill, The House That Never Rests, FloraCaroline Mentzer and Vicky Harrison for the images used in the above collage.