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Three awesome upcycling projects to try today

Today I’m going to share with you three of my favourite upcycling projects and I reckon you’ll soon share my love of turning everyday objects into super cool trinkets, tools, furniture and accessories.

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Tastes like Summer + #recipeoftheweek 19-25 July

It’s time for you to link up your recipe posts to #recipeoftheweek. But first, here are my top three choices from last week – all perfect for the incredible summer we’re about to have in the UK. All sun, cool breezes and no grey skies. Right? Riiight?

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Unmute the track. Make your voice heard by public services

Consumer watchdog Which? has launched a new campaign, #UNMUTEUK to tackle the public complaints system. They are calling on you to sign a petition to help Which? put pressure on the Government to ensure that when you speak up, staff in public services listen and act on your concerns. It’s time to unmute the nation.


What sort of shopper are you?

How are you with money? Do you budget with military precision or take each day as it comes? Follow your shopping list to the letter or chuck whatever takes your fancy into your basket?

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Celebrating play time with Chad Valley and #100daysofplay

Chad Valley wants parents across the UK to share their best fun playtime ideas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the hope that all that collective creativity will serve as a source of inspiration for mums and dads during the long school holidays.


Cooking up cuteness: C’est Ca! Belle Children’s Apron

Can we do baking? – Miss J, 2 We do a lot of baking as a family – I think it’s important for children to understand where food comes from, so choosing a recipe, going out and buying the ingredients, chopping, mixing, cooking and baking is something we do together. It makes what we put […]


Things to do for free in London

It’s a favourite day trip destination for many families, but even a few hours in the City can cost a fortune, so today, I’m going to share with a really quick list of our favourite things to do with the children in London that are free or almost free to enjoy.

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Win a limited edition smarTrike Royal trike – only 10 in existence!

In case you’ve somehow managed to miss the last year, you’re probably aware that it’s been almost a year since little Prince George came into the world. Well to celebrate his first birthday, smarTrike have produced a very limited run of just ten Royal trikes, and you could win one!