Ridiculously smooth and creamy one-pot mac n cheese with Quorn pieces


How do you fancy eating the most creamy, decadent macaroni cheese you’ve ever tasted? And how do you fancy only having one, single pot to wash up afterwards? And best still, how do you fancy not having to faff around making a white sauce, because with this recipe, the pasta cooks in the milk and cream and the sauce thickens up all by itself.

Chocolate and marshmallow cookie bites aka ‘mini sweet pizzas’


 They’re like little pizzas! – JD, 6 JD took charge in making these amazing little cookies that he dubbed ‘mini sweet pizzas’. Their base is our tried and tested chewy, soft chocolate cookies and we topped them with dark chocolate, marshmallows and sprinkles. Here’s how to make them. Ingredients 130g butter, softened 50ml/60g golden syrup […]

WeightWatchers cakes, bakes and other treats (review)


These are from WeightWatchers. They look good, don’t they? They taste good too. Except, of course, WeightWatchers want to help you gain or maintain control of your weight, so they’re small portions and they’re considerably lower in fat than many of the treat recipes I post. Worth noting, though, that they’re still quite high in sugar, so you […]